Days Gone, Game of the Week

Days Gone, Zombie Horde

This post-apocalyptic zombie survival, action-adventure game is set in the Pactific North West; 2 years after the zombie pandemic. Most of the planet was transformed into zombies, or in the Days Gone World, “Freakers”. You play Deacon, an outlaw biker in his past life who is trying to stay alive, just like every other survivor, but every other survivor might not have the skills that Deacon has.

There’s around 28 levels, or main missions if you will, each one having it’s own story missions. You can easily have 60+ hours of gameplay to keep you interested and doing something ; and even after you “beat” the game, there’s still a ton of other stuff to do; from upgrading your bike to gathering up all the weapons available. I like going achievement hunting after I beat a game, and this is something you can do here too.

It does have some minor technical issues, but nothing show stopping. Mostly they come in the form of some annoying things here and there and some missions seem repetitive, but this does not take away from the amazingness of a horde of 100+ zombies coming after you. The scenery is amazingly rendered, the zombies the same.

Bottom line, if you like zombie games, this is one you can’t miss out on

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