Nintendo Switch April Games Round up

The Nintendo Switch is by far one of Nintendo’s greatest inventions. A portable, full on gaming console with very few games that require the internet, which makes the console very convenient especially if you’ll be going on a far away trip, whether it be for business, or just a vacation. The games are fun, they range from anything as simple as a colour game to as complex as Diablo. Nintendo was intentionally going for a portable console, like the Gameboy or the PS Vita. In my opinion they nailed it spot on, and as an added bonus, the console doesn’t needs any internet access to function properly. A few games have already been released this month, so let’s go ahead and talk about the games.

All of the new releases will be listed in this section of the article, so here we go.

Darksiders Warmastered Edition, released on April 2nd. Darksiders is honestly one of my favourite games on the xbox, and to hear that it’s being added onto the Nintendo Switch got me ecstatic. THQ Nordic is a great company, and the Darksiders series is one I can say I thoroughly enjoy.

The second game is Jungle Z, coming out April 8th 2019. A Zombie Survival game for Nintendo? Yes Please! Battle zombies who show up out of nowhere, make decisions that can save your life (or kill you), be prepared for some late nights  (cuz that’s when zombies are most active) oh, and do it all with a limited amount of space in your backpack. This game looks really fun and I bet you can’t guess who’s really looking forward to this one. *cough cough* *Chalamity* *cough*

The next game on the list here is the Ace Attorney Trilogy, starring rookie attorney Phoenix Wright. This game will be released April 9th 2019. It was originally made on the Gameboy Advanced, and it’s also where the “Objection meme” originates. In this game, the main goal is to send evil-doers to prison, by taking on the role of Phoenix Wright, an attorney to prove the prosecutors defendants guilty.

The next game we have for you today, is Cuphead! The game will be released April 18th 2019. Cuphead is a run and gun game, where you play through levels, dodge things thrown at you, and use your fingers as guns to shoot down and destroy enemies in your path, all while collecting soul contracts to break your deal with the devil!

If you would like to see all the games being released onto nintendo switch, visit this link:

Good luck, have fun, and Game On.

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