PS4 April Game Round Up

Playstation 4. Everyone’s semi favourite console. It has some special exclusives, only found on the Playstation 4 (some of them we love). We all know Sony has had some shade thrown on them in the past, but in all honesty, they make good, working consoles and are the current leader in console sales. That’s all we can ask of them, right?

Looking ahead at some of the future games for the month of April, I can say there will some gems in the mix, maybe even some you’ve been looking forward to ever since the trailers. Let’s hop on and check out some of the games and their release dates.

Shovel Knight: Showdown – April 9 Shovel knight has been a very popular DS game, created in Sep 3rd, 2015. In this version however, you don’t just simply pick up a shovel and go off on quests, in this version you gather a team of up to four players, and battle each other on a small map.

Mortal Kombat 11 – April 23 Mortal Kombat, the classic up close and gory fighting game. You’ll get to play as past and present characters, with a bunch of customization options.Don’t miss out on this better than ever newest evolution of the epic arcade fighting game.

Days Gone – April 26 A PS4 Exclusive, Looks like another post-apocalyptic zombie game,  but it sounds like it will actually be a good, scary RPG. Chalamity saw this trailer and she can’t wait to play this game. (But she’s a Zombie wierdo.. Not an actual zombie)

Super Meat Boy Forever – It was supposed to launch in April 2019, but has been delayed.. Hopefully the delay is for the better. It’s the sequel to Super Meat Boy and while the release date is as yet unknown, take the time to dive into the original, which you can get on Nintendo Swtich.

Dauntless – This too was supposed to be released in April 2019, but has been pushed back to an arbitrary “Summer 2019ish” date.  It’s an open world adventuring, free to play, monster smashing kinda game. It looks like it will be super fun, and we’ll keep you updated!

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