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So, if you haven’t already heard the exciting news, someone found our Brick! So we want to formally thank Tyler Damon for participating and also congratulate him for finding it and winning Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls.  I also want to congratulate him on his choice of game prize it’s totally what I would have picked too. So, once again, Congrats Tyler!!

So, there it is. On May 1st, our brick will be out there hiding for the second time, and we want you to go find it.. Again. Now, there’s only going to be the PS4 game and the Switch game to be chosen from, but, we know there’s lots of PS4 and Switch players out there.

New Release Games for the week of April 29th

April 30th

Fade to silence – a horror survival game that we’ve heard is lacking in the combat area,  and has nothing new to offer in the area of surviving, but it may have some interesting story to tell. If the narrative is interesting enough, it could help make up for other areas the game is lacking.  It’s available on PS4, Xbox One and steam

Final Fantasy X11: The Zodiac Age : This is already out on Steam and PS4, but is being released for Xbox one and switch, so we won’t review it except to say it won RPG of the year in 2017..

Fell Seal: Arbiter’s Mark -Some of you may have already played the early access of this on steam, but it’s going to be released in all it’s glory for xbox one and ps4 also. A tactical RPG, it’s said to be crazily customizable and beautifully drawn.

May 1st – Crashbots – An arcade type runner.. But you’re a robot. It reminds me a little of the boss levels of Castle Crashers, it rolls along and you have to collect coins and dodge obstacles while shooting bad guys. It looks like a good time and I’m probably going to play it. It’s available on Steam, Xbox One, PS4 and Switch

May 2nd –

Giga Wrecker Alt –  A 2D old school puzzle sidestroller, reminds me of megaman but obviously better rendered. You play a half girl half robot trying to save humanity from Robot invaders. It’s available on Switch, Xbox One, PS4 and Steam.

Black Paradox –  You’re Black Paradox, space bounty hunter it’s a side scroller that seems like a jazzed up starforce, but if you’ve watched our other videos, you’ll know that both me and our mother would love playing this game. (all platforms)

Purple Chicken Spaceman – Yep.. that’s what we said. So, if you like Chiken spacemen with fishbowl helmets and space cats with lazer eyes and detachable legs that shoot fire, this is the game for you. Honestly, it looks so stupidly fun that it will probably be one of those games you’ll start playing, look at the clock and realize 2 hours have passed.  Available on Xbox One

SNK 40th Anniversary Collection: Already out on Switch and PS4, soon to be released on the xbox one. It’s a collection of 25 old ass games from 79-90. They’ve got Ozma Wars, Munch Mobile (Yes I just wanted to say that one) Victory Road and POW among others. Relive your Arcade glory days in the comfort of your home. Available on Nintendo switch, PS4 and Xbox 1

Xbox Live Games with Gold for May

We have Marooners… it’s like Mario Party, but not Mario Party. And I love me a Mario Party so we’re going to give this game a go and do a review of it in the near future.

The Golf Club 2 Featuring PGA Tour.. exactly like it sounds.. A golf simulator. I wish I could be excited for all you virtual golf players out there, but I can’t do it. I hope you enjoy it though.

Now, originally for Xbox 360 but playable with the free games with gold on the xbox one we have….

Earth Defence Force : Insect Armageddon – A third person shooter based around an alien invasion and you guessed it.. Bio engineered insects. You’re Lighning Alpha and you’re protecting New Detroit against robots, giant deadly insects and mayhem. It’s cute, and free.

Comic Jumper: The adventures of Captain Smiley .. Captain Smiley is a comic book hero whose comics suck, so in an attempt to make himself look better, he bounces from comic  to comic. it’ s really funny, and you’ll probably laugh your butt off while playing it. You’re welcome.

Make sure to check out the Avengers Google Easter Egg! Google Thanos, click the gauntlet and see what happens!

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