Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey, Game of the Week

Ubisoft has some great game naming employees working for them; because when they decided that they should call this game Odyssey, there wouldn’t have been any other name that would have done this game justice. This single player game; available for PS4, Xbox One, Windows and Nintendo Switch was released on October 5,2018. It’s sales...
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assasins creed odyssey

Days Gone, Game of the Week

This post-apocalyptic zombie survival, action-adventure game is set in the Pactific North West; 2 years after the zombie pandemic. Most of the planet was transformed into zombies, or in the Days Gone World, “Freakers”. You play Deacon, an outlaw biker in his past life who is trying to stay alive, just like every other survivor,...
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Days Gone, Zombie Horde

This Week in Gaming News

So, if you haven’t already heard the exciting news, someone found our Brick! So we want to formally thank Tyler Damon for participating and also congratulate him for finding it and winning Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls.  I also want to congratulate him on his choice of game prize it’s totally what I would have...
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Nintendo Switch April Games Round up

The Nintendo Switch is by far one of Nintendo’s greatest inventions. A portable, full on gaming console with very few games that require the internet, which makes the console very convenient especially if you’ll be going on a far away trip, whether it be for business, or just a vacation. The games are fun, they...
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